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Norway's Magnificent Landscapes
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Beautiful Norway Landscapes and the Northern Lights...
Norwegian Fjords
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Norway Cruises
Norway as part of Western Scandinavia borders with its northern parts Finnland and the Russian Federation. Its central to southern   regions   frontier   with Sweden.

Its Atlantic coast is branded with its wellknown Fjords see picture to the right >> Norway's coast has many islands and the gulfstream influences the Norwegian climate to a mild and moist seabreeze and in winter the ports remain without ice.

Norway is a country of splendour and beauty in the real sense of the word. It's the land of the Fjords, the running streams and majestic mountains.. Norway offers the environment damaged city, inhabitant,  everything he or she misses throughout the year, namely fresh country air, streams and lakes to swim, with a crystal clear view to the ground, or simply rejuvenating quietness and relaxation..

Oslo, not a very big city but lot's to do. You can take a short cruising tour departing from the Oslo Waterfront, viewing the city from the sea. When in Oslo, the Viking Ships Museum is most interesting to visit. You can follow the trails of the Vikings learning more about the past. The ancient fortress of Akerhus is an ideal viewing point to view wide stretches of coastline or the City Square.

Bergen the gateway of the Norwegian Fjords offers a wealth of deep-rooted history and you can follow the Viking traditions of this former trading port. One can also enjoy a panoramic view by taking the funicular up to Mount Floyen, one of the Seven Hills protecting Bergen.

The Northern Lights an extraordenary light display can be experienced in the most Northern regions of Norway (See video)
Norway Landscapes